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Local SEO: How To Rank Your Local Business

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Local SEO Perth

Do you want to know whether or not local business SEO is still important? If you are trying to figure out the answer to this question, it’ll be important to look at the methods people are using to try and find businesses today.

With the World Wide Web growing by the day, and people in general are already stopped their newspaper subscription, a lot of individuals today are using the internet in finding whatever they need whether it is information, media, product or service.

With this in mind, more and more brick-and-mortar business organisations are being found by individuals utilising this process of searching online. This process consists of search engines, social media websites, and directories.

Online search has already become the primary method used to locating local businesses. Therefore, it will be extremely important to utilise local business SEO. Of course, your web presence will need to be optimised in order for interested parties to find you. It’s important to keep in mind that simply having a website that contains bits and pieces of information about your company will not be enough.

So, is local business SEO important? Of course yes. However, even though you understand its importance, it’ll also be just as important to understand that it will need to be performed on a consistent basis.

Read this article from Search Engine Land to learn how to rank your local business:

5 SEO writing myths that cost you money

Home | SEO | 5 SEO writing myths that cost you money

Since the business market is currently saturated with so many competitors, operating a business is tough, and this is because businesses are always competitive. In addition to, businesses are increasingly finding the need to look for ways to really stand out from the clutter.

Today, the business environment is even more challenging, and this is because of the presence of the Internet.  With that, everything becomes even more complicated because if you’re an online business, you can have so many competitors that can set up websites in no time. Therefore, the more websites there are, the more options your target customers will have. That’s why, a lot of businesses use Search Engine Optimisation or SEO methods to gain advantage of the competition.

However, according to an article posted at, there are 5 SEO myths that you should avoid because they can only cost you a lot of money but not that effective.

Read the full article here:

How Public Relations & Communications Can Win the Content Marketing Race

Home | SEO | How Public Relations & Communications Can Win the Content Marketing Race

Public relations or PR is an important factor to the success of certain careers. While ordinary people don’t have this kind of worries, public relations can become an important issue once you put yourself in a position of public visibility; such as celebrities, politicians, sports superstars and businessmen.

Aside from celebrities and politicians, businessmen are hugely concerned with public relations too. While virtually all businesses are dependent on repeat customers, you should understand that if you have a poor relationship with your customers it could potentially have a negative effect on their decision regarding doing business with you again.

In an article posted by Lee Odden at Top Rank, an online marketing blog, it talks about some guidelines on how public relations and communication can greatly affect your success in the online marketing race.

You can read the article here:

Checklist Before Publishing A Blog Post

Home | SEO | Checklist Before Publishing A Blog Post

If you’re having trouble coming up with interesting blog post ideas, you most certainly are not alone. Creating a blog post is one of the most difficult tasks that even the most experienced bloggers can stumble into every now and again.

When starting out with blogging and article marketing, everybody get’s self conscious about their own writing and the type of content that they will be creating. They get conscious thinking about some questions like “what if people hate my content”, or “what if they think I’m boring?”

Obviously, a blog post should be original. And when we talk about unique and original content, we are referring to the fact that you wrote a particular article yourself and that it contains your own personal thoughts, ideas and experiences.

Marko Saric posted an interested article that can help you in creating your blog post. It talks about 12 things to check before publishing your blog post.

Read more at:


How to Use Google Analytics

Home | SEO | How to Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) is an excellent tool used to analyse the amount of traffic your website has – it helps you to figure out the number of visitors your site have, the number of pages viewed and the time they spent per page and where your visitors came from. More importantly, GA can help you track the keywords your visitors used to find your site.

However, you need to have the two requirements before you can use Google Analytics – a domain name and to connect to Google Analytics. If you want to have a clearer understanding about Google Analytics and how to use it, watch the video below:

How Google Tries To Get Rid of Spam

Home | SEO | How Google Tries To Get Rid of Spam

All SEO’s and webmasters know that Google hates spamming. The primary reason why Google doesn’t want spam is because it causes confusion to the SEO land. Link manipulation weakens all the best components associated with link popularity.

In order to fight against spamming, Google introduced algorithm updates that can affect the search engine results and penalise spammy sites. Google’s purpose of launching these updates is to encourage website owners to write high-quality content instead of manipulating links through spamming.

Watch the video below to learn what spamming is and how you can avoid it:

The Panda Update: How Does it Affect Your Search Rankings?

Home | SEO | The Panda Update: How Does it Affect Your Search Rankings?

Since it was first launched by Google last February 2011, the Panda Update has made a huge impact to the way website and blog owners develop their SEO strategies. Many sites have been shown to be terribly affected by the algorithm. And worse, rumours say that those sites can do nothing to recover the ranking and traffic.

What is Panda Update? How does it affect your rankings? To learn all of these questions, watch the video below:

6 Tips on How to Effectively Sell Products Online

Home | SEO | 6 Tips on How to Effectively Sell Products Online

In today’s internet-centred generation, online marketing increasingly becomes the biggest place for commerce and marketing. In fact, most brands already shifted from being a traditional business store to become online stores.

To take advantage of this trend, brands should know how to use the most effective strategies available. We have a video below which can help your online marketing strategies to improve. It illustrates 6 tips on how to effectively sell your products online.

Content Marketing: The Secret to Success in Online Marketing

Home | SEO | Content Marketing: The Secret to Success in Online Marketing

Ranking on top of search engine result pages or SERP’s can really open a lot of opportunities especially with marketing. However, with the constantly changing Panda and Penguin updates, some SEO strategies become obsolete making the whole process complicated and time laborious because SEO’s need to change their strategies over and over.

Fortunately, there’s a strategy that’s more consistent which marketers and webmasters can use – content marketing. With this process, quality is your primary asset and quality can be attained by doing these 3 simple things: research, writing and editing.

Watch this video to learn more about content marketing:

Site Search: How to Know if Your Site is in Google’s Search Results

Home | SEO | Site Search: How to Know if Your Site is in Google’s Search Results

The primary goal of every website owner is to make his website visible to a lot of viewers. With this, one of the most effective ways for your audience your site is to appear in search engine results. However, how will you know if your site appears on search engine results? What are the things you can do for your site to show up in Google searches?

Well, you can find your site on Google by doing a “site search”. Follow the steps shown in the video below to know if your site is in Google search results: